Chris Baron

Sunshine Noir


A groundbreaking and innovative collection of San Diego/Tijuana writing edited by Jim Miller co-author of Under the Perfect Sun featuring:

Jimmy Santiago BacaChris Baron,  Mike Davis, Marilyn Chin, Steve Kowit, Sandra Alcosser, David Reid, Mark Dery, Victor Payan and Perry Vasquez, minerva, reg. e. gaines, Adrian Arancibia, Hal Jaffe, Sue Luzzaro, Jimmy Jazz, and many more…


  "Here is a chance, withSunshine/Noir, to discover a new bright world of writing.  Bravo!” 
 - Ray Bradbury

"At one time, borders were a challenge.  They were part of nature; rivers, mountains, and passes. And humans accepted this challenge with a spirit of adventure, magic, and mystery.  But now our borders are man-made and we demand that no one cross them. Yet, in reading the stories found in Sunshine/Noir, maybe we can re-learn that there is still great magic, adventure and mystery, when we dare to cross these modern borders."
 - Victor Villaseñor, author of Rain of Gold, and, Burro Genius: A Memoir

"With the publication of Sunshine/Noir: Writing from San Diego and Tijuana, editor Jim Miller has finally given readers an anthology of border writing and other local fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that’s as rich, colorful, and varied as the San Diego/ Tijuana region itself.  Two thumbs way, way UP!”
 - Larry McCaffery, editor of Storming the Reality Studio and Expelled from Eden: A William T. Vollman Reader

"There is a critical mass of literary energy building up on this crowded, sun-drenched border of ours. Reading the multicultural, cross-genre mosaic of stories in Sunshine/Noir is like roaming through a world of dark matter--with flashing explosions of white light going off all around you."
 - David Boyne, Publisher and Editor, 
WORD|san diego Magazine